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Training Practical Leadership (English-language)

Practical two-day training for employees that are responsible for managing processes and team members. This is a concise and to-the-point training, which will be conducted in English.

This concise training is based on the Training “Meewerkend Leidinggeven” but is less profound. In this training, you will learn:

  • Practical leadership skills
  • How to align your communication more effectively
  • To understand what motivates people
  • Simple tools for influencing
  • How to motivate and provide feedback



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Practical training for leaders that are closely involved in processes

To effectively lead your colleagues, it is often crucial to gain more practical knowledge and tips. You may have been appointed to a leadership role without proper training, which is often the case. You will be surprised by how many useful insights and tips you can acquire in just 2 days.

We offer:

  • A practical concise 2-day group training
  • Specific for employees with steering responsibilities or leaders that are closely involved in processes
  • Suitable for various industries in the profit and non-profit sectors

The groups consist of participants from different organizations. A customized training specifically for a single organization is also possible.

The agenda of the training Practical Leadership

The two training days are filled with a variety of activities. Through explanations, examples, exercises, and skill training, we make leadership on the workplace practical and applicable.

Day 1

  • Motivation in organizations
  • Different types of employees
  • Leadership levels
  • The six human needs
  • Communication styles

Day 2

  • How to steer and influence effectively
  • The impact of appreciation
  • Willingness versus ability
  • Recognize the core qualities
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Practical and interactive

You lead a process, project, or team members. You organize, coordinate, and distribute the work. How do you ensure sufficient influence? How do you make sure you don't put everything on your own shoulders? How do you fulfil your leadership role in practice?

Per4mance offers a practical, concise, and interactive training that will provide you with more insight and that will allow you to practice without the often-feared role-playing.

What else can you expect:

  • Insights from situations in your own workplace
  • Many practical tools
  • Reflection on your own behaviour

Learn to steer more effectively

After the training, you will return to work with new inspiration and motivation. Your self-confidence will be increased, you can tackle challenging situations, and you notice that you maintain control. You achieve things more easily, and you enhance your role as a leader within the team.

By using simple models and numerous practical examples, the translation to your own situation becomes straightforward and swift.

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