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Are you looking for a training and consultancy company that really takes a different approach? Meet Per4mance!

Our approach is practical and to the point. We have years of international experience and knowledge of psychology, leadership and group behaviour.

Per4mance leads to action

Our name says it all: we focus on performance and results. Better results are achieved by understanding, influencing and changing your own behaviour and that of your employees. But more importantly: we create the energy that ensures that employees are really getting into action.

It’s our mission to inspire individuals, teams and organisations to unlock their full potential.

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Effective change

Doing business is like a competitive sport; growth, innovation and flexibility are the key elements to achieve great results. Organisations keep raising the bar, driven by external influences but also by healthy ambitions. With the support of Per4mance the transition is manageable and effective. We provide:

  • clearly substantiated and feasible advice
  • a practical approach with clear steps
  • international solutions that fit your organisational culture

With insight, skills and the necessary energy we help you to get the most out of your organisation.

Discover our training: Practical Leadership

You lead a process, project, or team members. You organize, coordinate, and distribute the work. How do you ensure sufficient influence? How do you make sure you don't put everything on your own shoulders? How do you fulfil your leadership role in practice?

Per4mance offers a practical two-day training for employees that are responsible for managing processes and team members. This is a concise and to-the-point training, which will be conducted in English.

Tailor-made for your organisation

A successful approach for your organisational challenges will be the one that fits your organisational culture, workprocesses and the energy of your employees and managers.

Per4mance provides:

  • insight into your organisational behaviour
  • an approach for growth, innovation and flexibility that fits your organisation 
  • practical no-nonsense solutions

We always look for a long-term strategy. What will ensure that your organisation remains energized, focussed and provides the best working condition? How do you keep your employees committed and growing? What is needed to achieve long term sustainable results?

Leadership is key

A company cannot grow faster than their leaders. Leading in essence is influencing the behaviour of others. A better understanding of human needs, team processes and effects of their personal leadership style will help the leaders in your company to be more effective and efficient in leading their team towards better results.

Per4mance developed a successful trainingprogram based on the best techniques available. Participants will learn, grow, selfreflect and be energized to use their new insights in the real world.

  • Tailor-made company programs are available.
  • Programs can include on-site support, coaching and advice (full support).
  • Possible at any worldwide location.

Extensive international experience

Our trainers have a combined 70 years of international experience within Philip Morris, Altria and Shell. Large multinationals with sales and production sites worldwide. From our location in Hoeven, the Netherlands, we serve the global market. With past experiences in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA, we are able to provide services that fit your company’s culture.

Meet our senior trainers:

Practical & to-the-point

Thanks to years of experience, access to internationally available techniques and a vast variety of assignments, our approach is practical and to-the-point. We provide solutions that actually work. We focus on people and their behaviour. Our trainers will:

  • explain human behaviour, in particular in changing situations
  • give insight into the process steps, from vision to achieving your goals
  • teach you skills to solve problems, work together and communicate more effectively

Our main goal is to get employees into action. They are a key factor to your success. Growth and innovation will remain manageable and effective, by guiding them with knowledge and skills.

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